Are You Experiencing Poor Airflow in Your Home

Are you experiencing poor airflow room-to-room in your Naples, FL, home? Professional HVAC services can get to the root of the problem and get your home feeling cool and comfortable again in no time. While several factors can affect airflow, here are some of the most common causes.

Damaged Air Ducts

Every home, unless the home is served by a ductless AC system, has air ducts. These ducts have been designed and installed to deliver an exact amount of air to each room in the house. If anything causes a change to the ductwork’s configuration, airflow problems follow.

Damaged ductwork is one example of a problem that can change the configuration and restrict airflow. If the ductwork has a crushed duct run, a run with holes or gaps, or one that’s even slightly bent, it’s harder for air to move from room to room. Repairing or replacing the damaged ductwork is necessary to restore sufficient airflow.

Poorly Sized Ductwork

Oversized or undersized ducts can also cause low airflow issues. When ductwork is too big, static air pressure in the ducts drops before it reaches the room(s) it serves. If the ductwork is too small, the air becomes restricted and can’t reach the intended destination. This is the most common problem HVAC technicians encounter when dealing with improperly sized ductwork.

Too Few Return Vents

Forced-air HVAC systems are closed-loop systems. These systems produce air and distribute it through the house. The same amount of air is returned to the system, where it’s conditioned and recirculated. Suppose the measured amount of air from each area in the home isn’t sufficient when it returns air to the system. In that case, two things happen: the space becomes pressurized and limited airflow is received back into the system. These events often happen when there aren’t enough return vents in the home.

Poor airflow issues don’t have to rule your home and impede your comfort. Contact Nixon Air Conditioning for professional HVAC services to help you keep your air conditioning working its best to cool your home.

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