Schedule Spring HVAC Maintenance Today in Port Royal, FL

AC maintenance is a must for any homeowners in Port Royal, FL who want to stay vigilant about the condition of their home’s electrical systems. Without a tune-up at least every spring, homeowners run the risk of having their AC break down in the middle of summer when they need it most. Schedule spring maintenance for your AC, and you’ll save money and reap other benefits.

You’ll Be More Comfortable

A well-maintained AC runs efficiently, and you’ll see this reflected in how promptly it delivers the cool air you expect. At the same time, it won’t cycle so quickly as to become inconsistent (short-cycling means that a system is overheating or suffering from some other problem). You also won’t face any issues regarding air pressure; the system will blow out strongly, relatively quietly, and without annoying odors.

You’ll Save Money

Best of all, regular maintenance saves you money because the AC wastes less energy to do its job. It’s not unusual for homeowners to notice a drop in their monthly energy bills. While maintenance won’t prevent the need for all repairs, it can still save you money by averting those issues that lead to major jobs, like motor replacement.

You’ll Put Off Replacement

Another way you’ll save is by extending the life span of your air conditioner. With proper maintenance, and assuming it doesn’t run all year long, an AC system could last up to 20 years. Bearing in mind the cost of replacement, most homeowners don’t mind paying a little bit each year for tune-ups.

If you live in Port Royal and have decided to get maintenance, contact Nixon Air Conditioning for the best possible results. We boast a team of NATE-certified technicians, over 30 years of combined experience, and the personalized care only a family-owned and -operated company can give. Whatever you request of us, we’ll quote you an honest price with no hidden fees.

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