Using Ductless Multi-Splits to Heat and Cool Your Entire Home

Perfect for targeted heating and cooling, ductless mini-splits are a popular option for single spaces like room additions and enclosed porches. They let you enjoy the highest level of comfort in every season without having to install ductwork in your Port Royal, FL home. Ductless multi-splits offer the same kind of benefits with a distinct difference: they can keep your entire home comfortable all year long.

A Smarter Whole-Home HVAC System

Traditional central-air systems rely on a network of air ducts to distribute conditioned air. It takes a substantial amount of energy to get the job done. In fact, ductwork can account for more than 30 percent of the system’s energy consumption. With multiple air handlers linked to a single outdoor unit, ductless systems eliminate the ductwork middleman.

Personalized Comfort

Saving money on energy expenses is just one of the many benefits that ductless multi-splits offer. Since each air handler operates independently, you can maintain different settings in different rooms. Hand-held remotes let you alter the temperature, air direction, and fan speed at the press of a button. Ductless multi-spits allow you to customize your comfort in every designated zone.

Advantages of Ductless Multi-Splits

As if maximizing your comfort while minimizing energy costs wasn’t enough, ductless systems offer these extra bonuses.

  • Installation is quick and easy, presenting no need for major remodeling or additional construction.
  • Each air handler comes equipped with an anti-allergen filter for improved indoor air quality and a healthier home.
  • Offering an all-season solution for indoor comfort, multi-splits can keep you cool all summer and warm all winter long.

As an authorized American Standard dealer, Nixon Air Conditioning provides high-quality HVAC equipment for homes throughout Southwest Florida, big or small. We’re proud to offer ductless heating and cooling options for every application. To learn more about the benefits of going ductless, call us today.

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